ZOCDOC is famous USA online doctor’s booking service. We can say that we made clone of ZOCDOC but as it is completely under NDA we can’t show any screenshots or links to it. So you can look through ZOCDOC to understand the idea and case of this product.


The task was to build this online booking service. To develop design, mockup, to build all functionality using Laravel framework, to build DB structure, to implement different user roles like clinic, doctor, patient, admin. To build different admin panel for every role, to connect embedded paying system, add functionality for bookings and searching doctors, add doctor rating and lots of catalogs. Implement email and SMS mailing systems.


The project had been built on Laravel. We’ve been working on it for more than one year. For paying system we took Stripe as it was perfect for that country and made it embedded into the project. We also used a lot of security and backup services like 1Password, DropBox and Mega to provide secure and stable work of project. And, ofcourse, we used lots of Laravel tools and packages like Carbon, Laravel debug bar etc.


We’ve built big, stable, defenced system for online booking. Soon it becomes a new standard in online booking industry of country where it was successfully launched.

  • PHP/Laravel, Blade
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • MySQL
  • DropBox, PCloud, LastPass