Our Team

DevBrother’s head office is located in Kharkiv, the educational center of Ukraine, which helps us to find the most talented, responsible and professional specialists. Their character traits are:

  • Ability to work in team
  • Paying attention to detatils and to clients wishes
  • Responsibility and intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Perfect communication skills

Our managers are responsible and well experienced professionals who can lead and consolidate people around them:

Yuriy Golikov


After getting technical degree Yuriy spent 5 years in C++ software development and 3 years in Web development. Tens of satisfied customers provide references and recommendations for him so being the head of IT company was a question of time. Now he is the force that helps DevBrother to grow and to stay balanced, well-organized and strong company.



BozkaGames, LLC is a design studio founded in 2015 in Boston, MA by designer and artist Nina Klymenko. The studio is focused on UI and UX for mobile and web products for both: B2B and B2C. Besides this, BozkaGames also creates graphics and UI/UX for video games. Since January 2017 BozkaGames is successfully collaborating with DevBrother.

Denis Doroshko


Our technical leader. He’s graduated from Kharkiv Politechnical Univeristy in 2010. From that time he has built tens of web sites from little web-stores and visit-cards to big start ups and enterprise projects. He leads, controls and supports the main technical part of our projects and he is the real leader for our technicians.

Milana Kovalova

Head of Sales Department

Over 9 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development for B2C and B2B markets. 3 years in IT field. Established and organized sales/marketing departments for companies of different size and specific. Dozens of successful business cases, international contracts and 1000s of business contacts.