Add Google Forms to the website

How to Easily Create and Add Google Forms to WordPress

We will tell you how to add Google Forms to the website. Standard WordPress features do not allow you to create forms. You can get this function, if you install a special plugin. For example, the application allows you to create feedback forms.

However, there is a simpler solution. You can use Google Forms (GF) to add any form to your webpages. The advantage of this way is that you can place this form on different resources of the Internet. All responses will be saved to your Google account. You should try to do it.

The Ways of Creating Google Forms

Add Google Forms to the website

The form must be created before you can place it on your web page. How to create a Google Form? For example, use Google Drive:

  1. Click on the “New” button;
  2. Press on the “More” button;
  3. Click on “Google Forms” once, when the current window is open.

A new GF can be created using a template. The templates have a different design. You can also customize everything yourself. Check if you have written everything correctly. The name is also an important part of the form. You should try to pay attention to it. Google has many different blocks, use hints which one is better to choose for the question.

How to Easily Create and Add Google Forms to WordPress

You may always change the information that has been written. You can choose the type of question:

  • short answer;
  • paragraph;
  • multiple choice;
  • checkboxes;
  • dropdown;
  • linear scale.

The form may consist of several sections. So you will be able to collect much more accurate information. Click on the special button. A new section will be added. You can change anything you want there. You can delete, merge and duplicate sections, if you access the appropriate menu.

You can add a new question to the form. Click on the “Add” button. When the form is finished, click “Send”. This key is placed at the top right. You may also choose the color scheme for your form.

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How to Add Collaborators to your Form

This can be done in a simple way. Make one click on “Add Collaborators”. A window will appear. You will see that the form can be shared with e-mail and social networks. For example, Facebook or Twitter. Everyone who has your form can add new collaborators, but you can disable it. Access will be restricted.

How to use Google Form Together

When you press “Send”, you’ll see a window. Click once on “Embed” and get link copy. Everybody who has a link will have ability to fill out your form. The form can be sent by e-mail or distributed as a link.

How to add Google Form on WordPress Website

There are a few steps how to easily create and add Google Forms to WordPress:

  1. Open the WordPress settings panel.
  2. Edit the page, where the form will be placed.
  3. Click on the “Text” tab and paste the form code.
  4. Save the actions you have done.

The form will appear on the page. If you want to know how the GF will look on the website, you should use the preview.

How to Create a Google Form


GF are very common. And now you know how to set up them and add to your WP-website. We are wondering why you use Google Forms. Please, share your experiences and write a comment.

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