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Convert PSD Template to the WordPress Theme? Easily

Today you will hardly find a person who has never used Photoshop and if with this software everything is more or less clear, question how to convert PSD to WordPress still remains a problem for many users.

Everything seems excellent, you have finally achieved the desired design that you want to implement to the website. The problem looks solved but the one effort still remains – converting PSD file into the WordPress theme. Don’t panic and follow our instructions. Being stick to these 4 steps you will easily and quickly get the final result.

Best way to convert PSD file

Nowadays you will not find a better graphics editor than the old, well known Photoshop. It is a good choice both for newcomers in the world of design and the experienced professionals. However, create the necessary design is half the task because you still have to convert Photoshop to WordPress to implement the design on your website.

So, what are the possible ways to do this? Some people don’t want to bother and simply hire a person who will convert this file into the necessary format. We hope it’s obvious that this decision isn’t the cheapest. Also, you can use the online converter but it often doesn’t work properly and you will just waste your time. So, what is the best decision? Of course, to do it on your own! Even if you don’t have super programming skills, our review will help you to perform this task without any significant efforts. Just follow our instructions!

We have four steps for you to perform that will end in the excellent design of your website. Start with us from the very beginning and you will get the unique modern design of the site.

Step #1: Cut the PSD file into separate images

The first step to convert PSD to WordPress theme is the simplest. All you have to do here is just a separate your PSD file into separate images and save each of them as an individual file. After that, choose the necessary images that have to be included on the new webpage. Note, that the more images you will choose, the slower will be the speed of loading the site.

psd to wordpress theme tutorial

Try to maximally optimize chosen images and don’t forget to save their quality.

Step #2: Create The Necessary HTML and CSS Files

Your second step is the creation of the CSS and HTML files. These files will be needed to create static web pages. CSS file you will create for the design part and the HTML should be created for the code of the web page.

For creation and editing these files, we recommend using such editing tools as Notepad. However, you can choose other editors if you feel more comfortable to use them.

After creating these files let’s start with the HTML one. Open it and write the code of the body, header, and footer tags. Check the image presented below.

When finished don’t forget to save the file and proceed to the CSS file. Your following action will be similar to the HTML file but here you should paste your styling code. Check the next image:

The important moment here is to add images in the correct places of your CSS file. For maximal understanding, you can check the design on various platforms.

Step #3: Insert the Structure of your WordPress Theme into The HTML File

The third step in our review of how to convert PSD to WordPress step by step is inserting your CSS and HTML files in the WordPress theme. Two main files of the WordPress environment are the style.css and index.php files. Both these files are similar to that you have created in the previous step, so their integration will not take much of your time and efforts.

convert photoshop to wordpress

When this part of the task is done, you have to stop for a while and to break up the code in order to fit it in accordance to the following files:

  • Comment.php – your comment template file;
  • Footer.php – your footer file for standard footer template for all pages;
  • Sidebar.php – your sidebar file can be used to create a common sidebar for all pages/posts;
  • Header.php – your header file to define a common header template for all pages;
  • Index.php – your homepage file.

Other files can be left alone at this stage as you don’t need them. This will simplify your task. After that, you have to download the WordPress theme that suits your website the best and to upload the chosen option to the hosting panel.

To check the default design of the theme you can open the website in the browser. Then you should open the .php file and replace the piece of the code with the .html file. When it’s done you should repeat the same with the .css file (replace the code with the code from the previously created .css file).

After saving the changes you can check the new design of the site in the browser. Then let’s proceed to the last step of our work.

convert psd into wordpress theme

Step #4: Add the WordPress Functions and Tags

As a rule, you can find a lot of different functions and tags that are already prebuilt in the WordPress library. You can use any of these functions you need directly on your new website.

The task will be more serious if you are creating the theme from a scratch. In such case, you need to go to and download the necessary functionalities and tags for your theme there.

It is very important to place each of these functions and tags in the correct places of your new theme. To implement this task easily you need to know the code well. This is the main reason why it is not recommended to create the theme from a scratch in case if you are not a very good expert in the PHP language.

convert psd design to wordpress

The last part of your task is the work with the functionality part of the theme. Here it’s all up to your tastes and preferences. Choose the desired images, content, and whatever you want to create the website which will be interesting for its visitors and users.

Form the first view, the process of such conversion is quite easy. However, you still need to spend time and efforts to get the really good results. In case if you faced with some problems on any of the previously described steps, you can always use the help of professionals and finish the job.

Our DevBrother company offers you services of professionals which are able to easily and quickly correct the mistakes and help you to develop the desired WordPress theme and create the attractive website.

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