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How to display a WooCommerce Сart in the Header 🛒

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How to Easily Create and Add Google Forms to WordPress

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How to Properly Add JavaScripts and Styles in WordPress

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How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

We start to tell you how to create a child theme in WordPress. If you have the skills of php, CSS and HTML or you have created webpages and worked with WordPress, this article is for you.

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How to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress

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How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

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How to Display Code in WordPress Site

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How to Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress

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Convert PSD Template to the WordPress Theme? Easily

Today you will hardly find a person who has never used Photoshop and if with this software everything is more or less clear, question how to convert PSD to WordPress still remains a problem for many users.

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5 Steps to Convert old HTML to the Modern WordPress

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